Weathered Wood Shingles

by admin on September 9, 2011

Weathered Wood shingles roofing is known as an ecological and environmentally sustainable approach in the modern construction. Due to the very latest in the developments in the eco-friendly preservatives the weathered wood shingle roof is lifetime. With Weathered wood shingles there are several advantages. Weathered Wood Shingles used as a roofing solution manufactured by Ozols has several advantages:  such as DRS (double roofing system) roof deck design for better ventilation. Weathered wood shingles have gone through patented preservative treatment in the factory and come with4 laps/layers of shingles available only 3 layers .The top grade of shingles only 2 pc. Weathered shingles are produced from hart wood of each wood block.

With very competitive prices for the weathered wood shingles starting from 50 Euro/square meters which is for material and installation, it comes with an unlimited warranty for a 10 years period. The roof of a home represents forty percent or even more depending on the architectural style of your homes curb appeal. When you us weathered wood shingles it will help to improve the resale value together with the wood shingles. You get great value and weathered wood shingles are architecturally stylish but practically priced. With a beautiful look and high definition color blends it comes with the enhanced shadow effect that gives a genuine wood shake look. It is much safer than actual real wood with class a fire rating from underwriter’s laboratories which is the highest rating possible and you should look for this rating when you purchase weathered wood shingles.

Weathered wood shingles are high in performance and are designed with advanced protection technology. This minimizes the use of natural resources and it provides superior protection for your home. The weathered wood shingles stay in place when dura grip adhesive seal is added to each and every shingle so that it fits tightly and reduces the risk of shingle blow-off during storms. With a perfect finishing touch giving it that certain glamour with the use premium timbertex ridge cap shingles in the west, use premium rid glass ridge cap shingles it is the ideal choice for professionals and people will get to know that you are installing north America’s no: 1-selling laminated shingles.

If you are using a particular brand of weathered wood shingles then Timberline shingles with advanced protection technology are known to be the best selling shingles in all of North America. Professional installers have expressed their interest and preferred the rugged and also dependable performance that they claim only a timberline roof can offer. While more homeowners who go in for weathered wood shingles are happy with what is installed the preferred look of the timberline shingles is what they prefer in comparison to the other leading brands.

The best way to get a reasonable shingle price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.

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