Steel Siding Prices

by admin on September 5, 2011

Steel siding is generally much heavier than normal other siding. Contractors of buildings and the installers have to handle the Steel siding with care. Steel siding prices can therefore be a bit higher than other types of siding and steel siding prices depend on the color and the density of the type of steel used. With steel being fire resistant, steel siding prices can range from $6,000 to $8,000 with installation charges or may be more. This depends on the square foot area. Steel needs to be held up in place and has to be handled safely. Steel siding prices can vary as it does not insulate the home in any way so it could be said that it is a poor choice if a home is less insulated. On the other hand steel siding is easy when it comes to maintenance and with the lasting appeal, that it has which makes it a great choice for consumers. Steel siding prices that a consumer pays for is the outer covering, that is some times revered to act as cladding, and this is what goes around the exterior of the house. Steel siding prices you pay for is meant to protect your home from the changing weather patterns that effects and damages the structure.

Seamless steel siding prices

Seamless steel siding prices unlike traditional vinyl siding, has many options available to the consumer that make it a very attractive choice for any structure or for a home. Available in a variety of exciting colors and with realistic textures available, the option to go seamless came in with the products. Seamless Steel Siding prices are indicative for Seamless steel siding that is relatively very strong and it resists any shrinking and bulging that come with the with changing temperatures and with installation comes to around $8,000.

Commercial steel siding prices

The prices for commercial steel siding also are different from what is charged for residential purposes. Commercial steel siding prices need to be obtained from contractors as it depends on the type and size of the building.

Corrugated steel siding prices

Corrugated steel siding prices are also within the same range as other steel siding prices and with corrugated siding you can still recreate a wood-like texture. If you are on the lookout for a more modern design, then the industrial look of corrugated steel will cost you for Cedar Shingle around $7,527. There are sometimes some small differences in the coloration between the siding sheets that can become visible at the seams. This will ruin the illusion and the uniformity of the exterior. In some areas high winds cause discoloration of the corrugated steel so regular polishing and maintenance will become necessary.

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