Solar Panel Shingles

by admin on September 9, 2011

So what are solar roof shingles? Solar roof shingles are basic shingles that have the ability to generate electricity by using and converting the sun rays and turning it into electrical energy. Solar roof shingles are installed on top of the roof, slightly tilted but facing and towards the direction of the sun. You can connect the home appliance to these solar panel shingles to save energy bills monthly. Once you have connected the Solar panel shingles with the home appliances, then you will no doubt begin to notice a drastic reduction of your electricity bills.

Every solar panel shingle has the ability to produce a electricity rating of between 17 to 50 watts. Although you may feel that this figure doesn’t sound that much, consider how this will add up quickly and when multiplied by a square footage of the roof you can be sure that you will want to install this type of shingles. Solar panel shingles come with special support structures. These support structures have the ability to withstand wind speeds equal to 80 mph. The technical name that is used for solar roof shingles by scientists the world over is Building-Integrated Photovoltaic or (BIVP)

Solar power is a renewable resource  so the energy that is taken from the sun will never get exhausted that is no matter how much you use it. While you can use it to full effect it can help you save a lot of money. Solar roof shingles are the known as the very best and the latest modified form of solar panels that are currently very popular and being used at homes to get the maximum benefit out of sun’s energy. While roof shingles or solar panel shingles powered by solar energy are still new to the market and a new technology many people are already using this due to the long term benefits that they get from the installation of these shingles.

Solar panel shingles cost

Solar panel shingles cost is given with a breakdown of the components and the cost for each:
84 Uni-Solar SHR-17 solar shingles: $9,500.  One shingle is 84″ long with 12-7″ tabs that resemble individual shingles. The total output of this system is 1428 watts. (84 shingles x 17 watts)

Outback FX2548 Inverter, 49-volt DC to 120-volt AC, 2500 watt $1800  FXA Adapter Kit: $115    PS2MP mounting plate: $105  HUB-4 Communications Manager: $200 RTS Remote Temperature Sensor: $30 MX60 Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller: 550 PS2AC-50D AC disconnect box: $350PS2DC-100 DC disconnect box: $300 Mate Remote Monitor and Control: $300 Shipping for above items: $ Total cost for solar specific hardware: will cost around $16,000. While the pricing is indicative, installing solar panel shingles is a long term benefit.

The best way to get a reasonable solar panel shingles cost is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.

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