Shiplap Siding Prices

by admin on September 5, 2011

Shiplap siding prices are given for different square foot areas and when you want Shiplap siding prices then you first need to know what the square foot area will be. Depending on the area and the color that you want, the prices will differ. The Shiplap siding prices that are given are indicative only so you will get an idea of how much in general it costs to budget.

Red Cedar Siding   1×8″ CHANNEL Siding STAINED $2.19 SQFT ($1.21 LFT)
1×10″ CHANNEL Siding STAINED $2.19 SQFT ($1.53 LFT)
SIZE SQFT MIN PRICE SQFT LFT PRICE LFT COST 1×6″ 1,500 $3.85 3,600 $1.60 $5,775 1×8″ 1,500 $4.10 2,717 $2.26 $6,150

Shiplap Siding Cost

Material Costs and Shiplap siding prices are indicative for the purpose of deciding on what you want to install.2.4 lineal fee hard Construction Cost, Typical $3.39 per square foot

Material Costs 2.4 lineal feet of 1×6 red wood siding per square foot, plus a 6% waste factor

The best way to get a reasonable Shiplap siding cost is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.

Installing Shiplap Siding

When you have to install Shiplap siding you need to know what it is. Ship Lap Siding is a type of Drop Lap siding. It has tight joints that are similar to tongue and groove it laps over 1/2″ depth of rabbe. Normally Shiplap siding is kiln dried. What is special in Shiplap siding is that you can install it horizontally or vertically and with the edge of one board having a recessed area along its rear. The shaped top-rear edge of the board that is next to or below it, helps to exclude any  water that can collect and fall during heavy rain. When it comes to the vertical applications, then the bevel cut the ends and installs the shiplap siding so that the water is directed to the outside of the structure. Ship lap siding is very much similar to the clapboard siding but in the long term is more attractive as well secure and also watertight. Shiplap is better known for its strength. Shiplap siding can form a very tight seal when it is lapped. Shiplap is more that often used as siding for some buildings that generally do not require any type of daily or extensive maintenance or where the structure has to withstand the cold and aggressive climates. For the posts and the beams on a construction, the rough sawn shiplap siding is attached in a  vertical position with 6d-8d common nails. Milled ship lap siding has a smooth surface that shows well once installed and is more smoother. It is suited to two-by frame construction as it provides a tighter seal. This is generally placed horizontally. Ship lap siding can be installed without much effort so the cost is minimal and there is hardly any material wastage.

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