Mastic Vinyl Siding Reviews

by admin on September 4, 2011

Mastic vinyl siding manufactured for quality has a long history of innovation, Mastic vinyl siding and manufactured by Mastic Home Exteriors has been in the business of quality production of quality Mastic vinyl siding since 1932. Mastic vinyl siding manufactured by Mastic Home Exteriors is well known and is also known to be one of the companies that commenced to offer vinyl siding to the consumers as far back as 1959.

Mastic vinyl siding colors and styles

Mastic vinyl siding colors

Mastic Vinyl Siding Colors

Mastic vinyl siding today has evolved in to many designs colors and styles enabling the consumer to have a greater choice. They come in the widest selection of colors offering the best Mastic vinyl siding products in the siding industry. Mastic Home Exteriors manufacturing Mastic vinyl siding also offers aluminum siding and related products. So whatever the need ma be then Mastic Home Exteriors has a solution for all types of siding.

The types of siding include Cedar Discovery Hand Split, Cedar Discovery Perfection Double 7-inch, Cedar Discover Perfection Triple 5-inch, Cedar Discovery Half Rounds. Cedar Discovery is heavy-duty vinyl siding able to withstand cold climates. Generally the Mastic vinyl siding comes in a thicknesses of .080- and .090-inch, this happens to be twice as thick as most other vinyl sidings. Mastic vinyl siding is able to  withstand wind gusts that occur up to 210 mph. Cedar shake siding comes in a warm and rustic look, but when it comes to the pricing the price of annual maintenance is costly. Mastic’s Cedar Discovery vinyl shingle siding gives almost the same appearance but without the maintenance- and you can just simply wash it off with a hose-pipe or garden hose periodically. Mastic Home Exteriors gives you the best simulated wood siding that is available and this gives your homes a truly traditional look.  Mastic vinyl siding comes with all the benefits of premium vinyl siding. The Faux-wood shingles come with random deep groves varied sizing and give the hand cut look to the exterior.

The best way to get a suitable color is asking for local contractors’ offers and recommended colors according to you own living situation. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ colors online.

Mastic vinyl siding prices

It is difficult to give a price off-hand as it depends on the square foot area of the requirement but a rough estimation for installation will be around $10,000.

The best way to get a reasonable price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.

Mastic vinyl siding installation

When it comes to siding taking time to ensure that the vinyl siding colors you choose are the right colors that will blend with the surroundings is important. Since vinyl siding lasts for a longtime  you consider whether in 10 or 15 or 20 or 30 years from now whether you would still be wanting the same color vinyl siding. The good news is that Mastic vinyl siding can be painted so with the durability of the product and in case you want the color changed then there will not be a problem.

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