Landmark Shingles

by admin on September 9, 2011

Landmark Shingles is a product of Certain Teed Shingles Company. Landmark Shingles is their line of laminated shingles. These shingles have a high – end cedar style and a two piece random tab, all of which contribute to a natural look.  Landmark shingles are produced with many materials and this includes architectural, cedar, solar, slate and vinyl.

Landmark shingles are warranted under Certain Teed warranty and it carries a 30 year warranty to the original purchaser. The Landmark Shingles TL series carries a lifetime warranty some other warranties can range up to 50 years.  Also included with Landmark Shingles is Certain Teed’s “Sure Start” protection warranty. This covers purchasers for replacement /repair and includes labor costs.  Period of validity is 05 years and 10 years for the TL series. This “Sure Start” is effective only if there is a manufacturer’s defect.

The Landmark Shingles Warranty also covers damage from wind velocity  ranging from 70 -110 mph depending upon the type of shingle used .Wind warranties on most Landmark Shingles are for 05 years while the TL  shingles carry a 10 year warranty.  Landmark TL shingles are also protected against algae growth but does not carry protection against mold or mildew growth. In certain instances of algae growth Certain Teed may request for cleaning instead of replacement. Landmark Shingles are marketed under a range of brand names. These names are “Arrowline”, “Ecostar”,”Paradigm and also the brand “Goat Lake.”

These shingles are also very flexible and durable and it comes in self-adhesive strips and has a wider area for nailing which facilitates easy installation.  Landmark Shingles have an extremely wide range of colors giving consumers virtually an unlimited choice .Some hues comprise of subtly blended colors. These Landmark Shingle colors are designed to suit any trim, siding or stucco color. The colors are very natural and blend with, and complement the surrounding natural environment.

Slate, grays, earthy tones, cedar and other colors resembling wood, blends of black and purple, subtle blue and green tones are among this wide color spectrum of Landmark Shingles.  Landmark Shingles are marketed under categories such as Luxury, Premium Designer, Designer and Traditional. Whichever category they may belong to Landmark Shingles bear the stamp of Certain Teed‘s expertise and high quality level arising out of Certain Teed’s many decades of experience. “Presidential Shake TL is a product of Landmark Shingles luxury range. These give  a zig zag effect  and carries a lifetime warranty. “Highland Slate” in the Premium Designer category comes in dark gray with a lifetime warranty.

Landmark Shingle Prices

Landmark Shingle Prices are within all consumer level range.  Prices range from under $40 to over $2,500. Landmark Shingle Prices offer many choices to consumers.

A good method to get a reasonable Landmark shingles price is comparing local contractors’ bids. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ pricing.

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