Iko Shingles Review

by admin on September 9, 2011

The Iko Shingles Review highlights problems faced by consumers. The Iko Shingles Review has somewhat marred the high profile of the Company. The Company seems to realize and accept the value of the Iko Shingles Review as a tool or guide for improvement. Some major problems that have been identified in Iko Shingles Review relate to durability. Customers complain that the shingles curl and shrink easily. They also claim that Iko Shingles cannot withstand high velocity winds.  Iko Shingles also crack and break easily says users.

Lack of ventilation space is another factor the Iko Shingles Review highlights. The advisability in using organic material is also questioned as these materials cause easy destruction. The Iko Shingles Review states that the Moisture Guard is used because of this.  Iko Shingles Review also suggests the lack of a warranty back up system.

Iko Shingles is a leader in the shingles manufacturing industry having its beginnings in the early fifties in Alberta, Canada. The company rapidly progressed from its original asphalt roofing manufacture to fiberglass based shingle production. Iko Shingles produce both residential and commercial roofing shingles. Iko Shingles have state -of – the art manufacturing plants throughout North America and Europe. Top quality and high level innovation are integral parts of their production process claims Iko Shingles Company.

Iko Shingles are probably best recognized for their residential roofing products. They produce a diverse range of shingles to cater for different homes and users.

The wide variety of shingles fall into three categories, namely, Premium Designer Shingles, Architectural Shingles and traditional 3-tab shingles. The Premium Designer Range sports the natural look and according to Iko Shingles can stand tough weather conditions. The Premium Designer Range combines top class raw material, high quality and extremely advanced roofing technology. Iko Shingles maintains that due to its long durability and low maintenance that this is a good buy. (However, the Iko Shingles Review findings seem to contradict this.

In this range is” Armour Shakes” combining a natural wood shakes appearance with ability to deflect strong sunlight and algae resistant. The Architectural Iko Shingles are meant for homeowners not requiring designer ware but still wanting attractive contemporary shingles with durability and versatility. Having a wide range of colors it is ideal for owners looking for good replacements. In this range come Cambridge (Eastern Canada) combining beauty, extra durability and protection.  Iko Shingle’s traditional 3-tab design is a homeowner’s favorite according to Iko Shingles. According to the Company the qualities which attract consumers to this product are long durability, great protection and the many different colors and models.

Iko Shingles Prices:  the Iko Shingles Prices vary from product to product. Anyway Iko shingles are not that popular according to many consumer reviews.

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