How to Use an Aluminum Siding Brake

by admin on August 23, 2011

If you want to know how to use an aluminum siding brake to make your aluminum siding more wonderful, read on this article. The soft characteristic of aluminum siding has made possible the bending of this type of siding. Although in bending the aluminum siding, one should be very precise so that a desirable look can be attained. By bending the siding precisely it can suit the corners or junctions seamlessly making your house look superbly. Various ways are already available that can facilitate the bending of aluminum siding accurately.

The very thing that is needed in precise bending of aluminum siding is the aluminum siding brake. This material can ensure that the aluminum siding will be bent in the right angles that in turn can prevent throwing away wasted siding which can be very costly. With this the next thing is to know how to use an aluminum siding brake.

To learn how to use an aluminum siding brake, you will need two main materials the aluminum siding brake and the aluminum siding.

Step 1 – Choosing Your Brake

Before you start learning how to use the aluminum siding brake, you should first determine the various aluminum siding brake types. Basically three types of brakes are available these are the bench brake, hand brake and the pan brake. The brake that has been used for industrial purposes is the bench break. Its large size is impractical to use for home siding. The brake that is the simplest and more suitable for home use is the hand brake. Although it can only turn the aluminum siding in a unidirectional manner that is just what you need anyway.

Step 2 – Making a Template

The next step in how to use an aluminum siding brake is very imperative if you want to cut down on your wasted material in bending your aluminum siding that is pretty much expensive. This is the construction of a pattern or template of the aluminum siding. Cardboard is usually used in this case. See to it that your cardboard is an exact replica of your aluminum siding in dimension. Then hold the cardboard against the house walls where there are corners that need bending of aluminum siding. Place a mark on the exact location where the bending will be done as well as the path on which it will be bent.

Step 3 – Transferring

After you have determined and marked the location for the bending of the siding and its direction the next step is to accurately transfer these details into the actual aluminum siding by marking its exact location with a pen. Bending the aluminum can lead to crack so if you have done it once you cannot bend it in different location and direction anymore. That is exactly the reason why the cardboard pattern is so important.

Step 4 – Bending

You are now ready to position the aluminum siding right into the hand brake. This is a very crucial step on how to use an aluminum siding brake so as much as possible be very cautious. Position the siding accurately into the brake by looking for the mark that indicates the supposed place for positioning the aluminum siding.

It is better if you first try a scrap of your aluminum siding into the aluminum siding brake before you do it with the real one to guarantee a faultless bending.

Step 5 – Locking the Brake

The subsequent step in our how to use an aluminum siding brake task is to do the locking of the brake that will in turn secure the aluminum siding in place. Once secured the aluminum siding can now be bent using the lever of the brake that can force the bending of the siding into a desired angle.

Step 6 – Adjustments

Finally in our how to use an aluminum siding brake is making adjustment. Again because of the soft nature of aluminum siding there is always a room for adjustment with the use of your bare hand. Although this is not required and is not always necessary, in some instances this is obligatory to ensure the seamless fitting of the aluminum siding onto your walls.

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