Hardboard Siding Installation and Types

by admin on August 12, 2011

Hardboard Siding Types

Hardboard Siding Types

Homeowners are starting to love the efficiency and easy set up features of hardboard siding. This home fixture is prepared using wood fiber, wax and resins. They are available in board as well as panel sheet form with a surface that is almost similar to lumber. Because of their lumber look like style, hardboard siding can be a cheaper and simple replacement to the more costly real lumber siding. Although there is quite large number of hardboard siding makers, the class and quality remains almost the same. The ability of hardboard to defy fungal invasion make them more durable when put side by side with wood sidings produced using spruce, fir and pine. The hardboard sidings though that fall under the soft category and are prepared using soft wood are vulnerable to fungal growth. One of the known largest makers of hardboard siding then is Masonite.

Masonite Hardboard Siding and Claim against Hardboard Siding

The hardboard sidings produced by Masonite then achieved great popularity. Most homeowners favor their product over the others. In 1980’s to 1990’s though, the products of the company received massive complaints from clients due to their poor quality. Flaws of their products include bulge formation, crumpling, and loose-fitting materials among other terrible imperfections. Due to the mounting complaint, court proceedings where eventually arranged in 1994. In the end the defective hardboard sidings nailed the company. The judgment, all homeowners who have purchased the defective sidings were given authority to reimburse a certain amount from Masonite. The claim for hardboard siding damage was enormous. The company was mandated to pay out millions of dollars to all claimants. That eventually resulted to the company’s closure. Imprinted “Masonite” with “X-90” details onto the hardboard sidings of Masonite have greatly facilitated the claiming process during that time.

Hardboard Siding Installation

In setting up the hardboard siding, there are a number of methods that can be employed that makes it very easy to fix. The method that has been implemented by most individual is the lap siding technique. However this method will vary based on the magnitude and length of the hardboard siding panels to be installed. That means one should be very cautious on determining the total surface area that will be needed. Calculating this is very crucial. Aside from this part, the rest of hardboard siding fixing is pretty much manageable. Compared to other siding option, hardboards are the best choice because of their inexpensiveness, stability and easy upholding measures. If you are concerned with the fungal invasion, opt for the hardened hardboard sidings.

Hardboard Siding Cost

The best way to get a reasonable hardboard siding cost is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.

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