Clapboard Siding Cost

by admin on September 5, 2011

Clapboard siding costs are governed by the type of material that is selected and used for installation. The clapboard siding costs will therefore vary depending on the type of wood used, and then there is the size of the job, and finally the cost of labor. For Red Cedar Clapboard siding cost will be $2.75 per square foot, or $2.50 per square foot and this is with one side planed smooth finish. The Clapboard siding cost will also be determined according to the depth and in this instance the cost is for 6” deep and 1/2” thick.  Each area differs according to the contractor pricing so the price given is an average for the Clapboard siding cost.

The best way to get a reasonable Clapboard Siding Cost is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.

Clapboard siding repair

Clapboard siding needs replacement and repair since Clapboard siding is more prone to damages such as scratches, and even dents and bumps. Clapboard siding sometimes can melt from  the heat that is produced by barbecue grills and even from window reflections that have too much hot son and moistures absorbing in to the vinyl siding. Most of the time Alcoa Clapboard siding repair is difficult when it comes to replacing vinyl siding. When you have to repair or replace the vinyl siding then you have to also choose a color that will match. Having to match the colors is also a bit difficult.

Clapboard siding installation

Before deciding to install Alcoa Clapboard siding you will first of all need to have the inside and outside of your house corner pieces installed. The corner pieces are fitted to provide a channel for the siding to rest on. It also helps to hide the cut edges of the Alcoa vinyl siding.
Use 1-5/8″ roofing nails. Make sure that you keep the outside corner pieces in squares while you are nailing it to the house. Many different types of vents are also available that will help to provide a channel for the Clapboard siding to be in one place and give a good finish. You have to also add fixtures for lights, outlets and a dryer vent. There are many types of adapters for use for the lighting and the outlets available so that you get a good finish of the installation. Since the fixtures have a built in channel you wont have to use fixtures and adapters through a “J” channel around any lights or outlets.

With Alcoa siding Clapboard siding you get to bringing out old-world charm, and with Clapboard being the choice for homeowners who love the look and feel of the real texture of wood. Although this is so, natural wood is not a good and durable siding option. It requires maintenance.

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